About us

Canvitational is a website about making money online, we basically create content about e-commerce, fashion and earning money online, but not only.

I am now one person, but it can easily develop into a high-qualified team, so I really think, we can grow easily with your help. I am really passionate about e-commerce and just fashion and connecting it with new technologies, so also I will show you some apps and websites that can just help you with buying cool clothes or just fitting better. I think that it is very important nowadays to connect new technologies with classic things such as buying clothes, fashion or just business. If you are interested in this type of topic also, let me know.

We will talk about shopping platforms like Thredup vs Poshmark and we will compare these with each other to give you information and value where it is good to sell and where it can be better for you.

Also, we want to talk with you and create content you are interested in, so do not hesitate to tell us your opinion in comments, we really like your opinion and we really like getting feedback.