Best Free e-Commerce Platform for WordPress in 2020

Best Free e-Commerce Platform for WordPress

Best Free e-Commerce Platform for WordPress in 2020

Are you starting a shop? You are looking to not over-invest in the business at the beginning? So, that’s a perfect article for you! I will try to show you how you can minimize the cost of the creation of e-commerce. It is very important for new entrepreneurs because it is better to test at the lowest possible budget than just waste money for nothing. For this type of case, you can find a free e-commerce platform. Today we will focus on WordPress, but maybe in the next articles, I will cover other CMS and options.

You can also check our article about Shopify, here.

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WooCommerce: What is it?

WooCommerce is the one to choose. This is not an individual platform, some kind of site builder, or something like this. It is a WordPress plugin, but if you are here, you probably want to create a store based on WordPress, so it is not a problem for you.

What is the difference comparing it to the platform such as Shopify?

You need to go for a web hosting, next you need to install WordPress and then after configuring the website, etc. you can just add an e-commerce feature by installing WooCommerce. In my opinion, it is a good selection because you can also build a lot more things on WordPress. You can, for example, build a blog for an e-commerce to review some products and rank them in Google and gather some organic traffic.

In other words, going into WordPress and WooCommerce gives you a lot of opportunities to grow your business, but you need to know about differences.

WooCommerce: Universal Solution

WordPress is a very wide range solution, you can create many things on it.

Coming to the opportunities you can for example:

  • Sell digital products,
  • Sell physical products with many configurations,
  • Offer affiliate commissions for promoting your products,

WooCommerce: Free To Use

WooCommerce is a free to use the plugin, but…

Nowadays every e-commerce works on many plugins. You can go for free plugins, but many plugins that are more advanced are paid ones.

These are no necessary, but when online stores become a bigger one, comes the time when these plugins can boost your sales and also bring a new level of experience with the shop, so you shouldn’t ignore it.

For example, there is a plugin that helps with product suppliers, it is called Spocket and you can read more about it on our blog, by clicking here.

Over 100 Payment Gateways for WooCommerce

In today’s world flexibility is an absolute must-have. With over 100 payment gateways you can be prepared for almost every type of a customer.

It is important because without many payment options you can lost some possible clients and it occurs then on the earnings of your e-commerce.


The Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce lets you accept payments directly in your store, instead of losing their attention by redirecting them to some payment gateway’s page. WooCommerce stated that is has shown to increase conversion rates.

Stripe is not available in every country but then comes…


WooCommerce is integrated with Paypal. I hope everyone knows Paypal, it lets you accept all debit and credit cards. Also, people can pay for their PayPal balance.

It is a good solution for stores with international buyers because almost everyone can pay with PayPal, also without having an account.

Marketing Features: Discounts and Coupons

WooCommerce gives you an option to market your store better.

You can easily offer coupons and discounts.

You can also restrict coupons to things such as:

  • minimum purchase amount
  • excluding items already discounted
  • ban certain email address from usage

So you’ve got a full range of possibilities, but if you are looking for something more advanced, here comes the plugins such as Smart Coupons.

Shipping Options

Basic ones, but this is all you need to create a successful e-commerce. You can include options such as free, flat rate, and real-time calculation.

Also, you can exclude some countries from delivery if you, for example, want to ship only to the USA.

Customer Experience: Emails

You can work on customising and tweaking all emails that your customer might receive in the purchase process on your site. Just check Emails menu in your WooCommerce panel.

Every mail that comes out from your store and is generated by WooCommerce can be re-designed and re-created by yourself. You can tailor it to your needs.

Analytics Master

Every e-commerce site owner needs access to some data, tracking, etc. WooCommerce got it too. These numbers and figures can bring you new ideas on how to boost your sales for example.

You can also customize your reports, for example by choosing a specific product or category of products.

WooCommerce also gives you an option to export data in CSV format, so it can become much easier for you to analyze it.

WooCommerce: Power of Extensions and Plugins

Things I mentioned above are achievable with just a free installation of a WooCommerce on fresh WordPress. You can easily extend your site functionality by choosing the best extensions and plugins for your needs from the WooCommerce extensions store.

400+ Plugins To Choose From

A wide range of plugins and extensions is a big reason to name WooCommerce best free e-commerce platform for WordPress.

In WooCommerce extensions store you can find plugins for almost every function you can think of. There are solutions from things that help you improve the design of your store, but also plugins that can increase your conversion rate or bring more advanced coupons as I mentioned before.

WooCommerce: Show Off The Brand

With WooCommerce you can easily show off your brand to the world with many additional features.


You can use WordPress built-in blog feature to tell your brand story, build an audience, and boost traffic to your store.

There you can create not only articles about brand, but also you can bring value to the visitors by providing reviews of the products you sell. Also, you can create some kind of top 5 or top 10 articles where you include not only products but their usage.

SEO and Search

With WooCommerce it is easy to make your store SEO-friendly. Everything you need is down there for you. Just give it a try.

Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

With these features, you can help your clients explore your product range. You can just suggest people some related products. You can do it not only on your product pages, but also on blog posts or landing pages, by using WooCommerce Product Blocks.

WooCommerce: Mobile App

Best Free e-Commerce Platform for WordPressWooCommerce has it’s own mobile app that allows you to track your store on the go. You can easily check which products are performing best, which not. It also shows you your overall revenue, order list, and visitors statistics that you can sort by day, week, month, and also a year.

This type of solution gives you the opportunity to work even more remotely and on the go. There is not always a time that you can check the details on your laptop, so then comes the app that is very handy and shows you the most important data in case of your e-commerce.

WooCommerce: Success Stories

On the WooCommerce website, you can find a lot of success stories, that can show you that it can be a perfect platform for your needs. 

You can also check these stories to avoid problems that happened in these success stories. It is always to check out these because you can often find some unusual and not shared loudly tips about creating an online business and building a successful e-commerce.

WooCommerce + Jetpack

WooCommerce is partnered up somehow with Jetpack which is a WordPress plugin that can help you with various things such as:

  • Security
  • Statistics (not only for e-commerce)
  • Downtime monitoring (with email notifications also)


When it comes to the summary of this article, I can say that WooCommerce seems like a universal solution not only for people who do not want to invest a lot of money at the beginning.

WooCommerce is a powerful tool for building a successful e-commerce. With 400+ plugins and just by being built on WordPress you can create almost everything.

In my opinion, if you are struggling to choose between let’s say Shopify and WooCommerce, you should just give a try to both and decide.

But in case of the best free e-commerce platform for WordPress, WooCommerce is unbeatable. 

Of course, if you want to go more pro and become more advanced seller you need to invest in some plugins. But at the beginning, you’ve got everything you need.

As we always say, stay consistent and you will become successful.

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