The 7 Best Dress Shoes For Bad Knees

Do You Suffer From The Knees? Get To Know The Best Dress Shoes For Bad Knees On The Market

Shoes are a very important accessory for all people, which are why they always look for the best for every occasion. Some people have some leg, foot, or knee problems and need shoes that are special to their problem.

For bad or delicate knees, you must find the shoe and choose among there are many models and brands. This is a problem that people can live with and need comfortable shoe designs that can help them rest, walk comfortably, and combat pain.

With this article, you will be able to know the best dress shoes for bad knees that are currently on the market.

The 7 Best Dress Shoes For Bad Knees

When looking for a shoe for this problem, people should try different styles, brands, and models. When it comes to dressing shoes, you will find many colors, shapes, and types. Plus, they come in different sizes.

That is why it is often difficult to choose the right one so that you can walk without pain. For people who suffer from the knees, they should choose a model that is comfortable, light, and soft.

The dress shoes are smooth, subtle, and usually leather upper, the insoles are leather, and their shape is elegant and slim. This type of shoes is used for work, parties, events, or casual or elegant meetings.

If you want to dress shoes and suffer from the knees, you should look for certain characteristics such as:

  • They must be well cushioned so that they can absorb shocks
  • The sole must be firm to ensure that your gait continues in place with every step you take.
  • Must have an orthopedic insole
  • Must have a safe and reliable arch support
  • It must be smooth

The best dress shoes for bad knees that make up this list are:

1. Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Slip-On Loafers   CHECK PRICE

Clarks Men's Escalade Step Slip-On Loafers

The CLARKS Escalade Step model is an excellent choice for people with bad knees. It is a comfortable shoe and is perfect to be worn on any occasion; you can use them to go to work, casual or official events.

Their design is attractive, light, eye-catching, and you can use them all day without a problem. It is made of leather, and you can choose it in brown, black and cognac. It is easy to put on because it has an elastic panel.

The CLARKS Escalade is a very comfortable model because of the padded leather, leather, and fabric lining that is very soft. Its insole is leather and can be removed and has ortholite technology and is elastic for a better fit.

 It has an outsole that is flexible with a 1.5 “heel for added comfort. Being leather is easy to maintain, and the skin is breathable.


  • It is a versatile shoe
  • It is leather on top
  • The tip is square
  • Leather and fabric lining are soft
  • Its sole is rubber
  • The closure is without laces with elastic gore
  • It is comfortable


  • Sometimes the sole may be a little slippery so you should be careful on smooth or wet floors
  • Customers have commented that the brown color is very light
  • Many customers have commented that the shoe is a bit narrow
  • Some floors tend to squeak

The CLARKS brand has been on the market for over 100 years, offering men’s dress shoes for any occasion.



2. ECCO Helsinki Male Helsinki   CHECK PRICE

ECCO Helsinki Male Helsinki

This is a comfortable and elegant model; you can use it for the office, party, or event. It has a 1-inch heel to give more shape and comfort to the shoe; it comes with a moderate size lace to provide a better fit. It has a direct injection polyurethane sole.

The Helsinki Oxford has a removable insole. The insole is padded and comes with a heel cushion so you can walk comfortably. The arch support is soft; that’s why it’s perfect for men who suffer from the knees.

The double stitch and small branding make it a striking model. It has a synthetic sole that is light and durable. If you wish, you can place your insole for greater cushioning. The tongue is padded to offer greater comfort.

The lining absorbs moisture, which is important because it keeps your socks dry and free from bad odors.

ECCO is a European company that was founded in 1963 in Denmark. They currently have factories in Asia and Europe, and they are high-quality shoes, and they work to protect the environment. They aim to make footwear that is comfortable and durable.


  • They are perfect for wide feet
  • They are reliable and durable shoes
  • They are made of leather
  • The sole is rubber and is fused with the leather to obtain a hermetic shoe
  • Footwear dries quickly and is odorless


  • Many customers have complained that the shoes are difficult to stretch at first
  • The settling stage can be a bit long and painful for the feet.


3. Dansko Men’s Slip-On Wayne  CHECK PRICE

Dansko Men's Slip-On Wayne

This is a moccasin with a classic and modern touch that comes without laces. It has a double PU polyurethane sole, a dense EVA rubber insole, it is a lightweight shoe, and its insole is removable.

It is a good model for men who suffer from the knees, has an antimicrobial lining, and is slip-resistant. So it is a shoe that can be worn without a problem on any occasion.

This model is 100% leather, and its sole is synthetic, the Dansko Slip-on Wayne combines with any outfit. It is a soft suede shoe and has a leather lining that allows you to absorb moisture; you can keep your feet dry and cool.

This shoe has a nitrol sole, which offers a greater grip and is non-slip so that you can walk more safely. It is a thick model so that your feet are more comfortable. The upper part is padded leather, and its elastic seams facilitate its use.


  • It is a strong and durable footwear
  • Adjusts easily
  • It is for orthotics
  • Its neck is light and padded
  • It has a non-slip Nitrol rubber sole
  • It is a very comfortable shoe


  • Customers have commented that they want them to come with more suitable sizes


4. ECCO Fusion II Men’s Slip-On Loafers  CHECK PRICE

ECCO Fusion II Men's Slip-On Loafers

This model is comfortable, and you can use it to go to the office or a casual event like a date or dinner. You will look great and comfortable if you have knee pain.

This shoe is attractive and elegant; it is very well manufactured and thought to give comfort to all its customers. It is a versatile shoe that you can wear daily and will always look good. Its sole is polyurethane that allows it to absorb the steps, all are 100% leather, and it is very durable, it is a shoe that can last you years.

The upper is made of soft and light leather so that you can be more comfortable; it is a breathable shoe. Its insole is removable with an ECCO Comfort system so that your feet are dry and fresh.

If you wear braces, you can put heel pads on so you can walk longer. It is a non-slip shoe so that you can walk on any floor without a problem.


  • It is a comfortable and durable footwear
  • It is made of breathable materials so that your feet are fresh and odor-free
  • The outsole is lightweight
  • You can find it in black, brown and amber
  • You can go through checkpoints at airports without having to remove them
  • They are easy to apply and remove


  • Many clients have commented that they feel the hunt a little loose in the ankle area


5. Orthofeet Women’s Chelsea Comfort Orthopedic Non-Slip Shoes  CHECK PRICE

Orthofeet Women's 817 Slip-On Shoes

Chelsea shoes are among the best dress shoes for bad knees for women. This model is also perfect for women who suffer from back pain, diabetic foot, heel disease, arthritis, Morton’s neuroma, etc.

This model is designed with the best technology to offer the comfort that people who need orthopedic shoes. It is soft and light leather; it is a design that fits perfectly on foot.

Its sole provides cushioning so you can step on it comfortably and walk longer without feeling discomfort. In the front, it has a suitable width so that your fingers have more movement.

Its Ortho-step orthopedic sole gives you more delicate and anatomical arch support, allowing you to have more support and absorption in the footsteps. The heel measures approximately 0.25″ for you to have more comfort when walking.

They are perfectly designed to give women the comfort they need; they are good quality diabetic shoes. They are considered the best shoes for women who have pain in the knees and back.

It has a soft, foam-padded fabric lining to give your feet protection and comfort.


  • It has an extra-long strap that allows you to adjust the size of the strap to fit your foot
  • It is a comfortable and resistant footwear
  • The inside of the shoe can be adjusted to obtain a perfect grip using the two sets of spacers that can be removed. They are 1/16 “and 1/8” thick.
  • Its opening is wide so that it can be easily put on and taken off
  • Features a bi-directional strap system for easy length adjustment
  • Heel measures approximately 0.25 “


  • some people have complained that the sole has fallen off


6. Aravon Andrea-AR Women’s Ballet Shoes  CHECK PRICE

Aravon Andrea-AR Women's Ballet Shoes

These sneakers are casual, modern, and formal; you can take them to any event, meeting, dinner, or the office. Its design is a perfect appeal for women who want to be comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

It is an ideal model for women who suffer from bad knees because they will have more comfort when walking. Its cushioning is perfect because you can use it daily. It doesn’t have a lot of arch support, but it has removable insoles that allow you to place one of your choices.

Its heel is one inch so you can have the correct posture and avoid back or knee pain. The Aravon Andrea-AR shoes are designed so that your foot does not slip when you walk.

They are 100% leather, and their sole is synthetic and durable, it comes in various sizes and extended widths. It has a soft Dri-Lex lining so you can wear the shoe whenever you want.


  • They are very comfortable and resistant ballet flats
  • Its laceless design allows you to put them on and take them off easily
  • Its sole is resistant rubber
  • The insole is EVA rubber and is removable
  • The upper part is leather
  • It is light footwear that can be worn daily
  • It has a band at the top that decorates the instep
  • The dri-Lex lining is perfect for removing odors and moisture
  • It comes in 3 colors (blue, black, brown)


  • There are complaints about the color navy blue since in person it is a different shade
  • Many women prefer it to have more arch support


7. Dansko Franny Flat For Women  CHECK PRICE

Dansko Franny Flat For Women

It is a perfect model for daily use; it offers you the convenience and comfort you need. Its design is elegant and can take them to any occasion; it is a good option for women who have bad knees.

The sole of the Dansko Franny Flat is synthetic and has a higher density cushioning, and it is a shoe made of good quality leather. It is strong and durable footwear; it can last you years. It has a soft and breathable lining that allows you to have fresh and moisture-free feet.

Its insole is made of EVA rubber, and it has arch support to give you more comfort. Its heel is one inch so you can walk for hours without problems and without getting tired with a very high heel. This shoe is available in black, gray, and burnished Nappa.


  • It is made of the highest quality leather
  • It is a strong and durable shoe
  • It has a button and a side buckle that makes the shoe more striking
  • The sole is integrated with the upper and the fold that offers more stability
  • Its insole is removable and padded for greater comfort
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Does not need much polishing and is easy to maintain


• There are complaints about the comfort and fit of the shoes



As you can see, everything will depend on the needs of each person. With these models, you have the best dress shoes for bad knees. Look for any of these shoes and choose the most suitable for you.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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