How To Promote Clickbank Products in 2020?

Trying to look for a method on how to promote Clickbank products?

In this quick guide, I will show you how to promote Clickbank products in the best way.

You will learn just step-by-step from just picking a product and a niche to the point where you will learn how to promote these products and where to do it to make it profitable.


How To Promote Clickbank Products

At first, you need to look for a niche and a product you want to promote.

Choosing a niche

Before you head to the promoting part, first you need to choose a niche.

It is very important to not only select a niche but also get to know the audience that niche targets. Otherwise, you will be targeting people that are not interested in this niche. It can significantly lower your conversion rate.

I recommend you to choose a niche that you are at least slightly familiar with. It can help you with not getting bored through the promotion of these products. Also with some extra knowledge, it will be easier for you to promote it and just tell more about these products to people.

So for example, if you are interested in e-business or internet marketing you can go for promoting e-commerce or marketing courses from Clickbank.

On Clickbank, you can choose from many niches and also from many products, but ones I recommend are:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Business & Investing
  • Self-help
  • Spirituality, New age & Alternative Beliefs
  • E-business & E-Marketing

I recommend them to you just because they can convert like crazy. You can ask ‘Why?’

Just think about the diet plans and weight loss products for example. People are always looking to lose weight, to eat healthier and it grows from year to year. These are products that are just high-demanded by the market.

But… do not worry if you are not interested in any of the listed niches. In any niche on Clickbank, you can find products that have very high conversion. Just look for a product and a niche that you are interested in and then just adapt it for yourself.

Choosing a product

Next thing is to choose a good product and it is quite an important decision.

On Clickbank, you can find many products, but you need to select a product, that has not only a high number of sales but also a quality. It is much easier to promote a high-quality product than a garbage, that just get sales because of a low price or a good promotion.

There are a few important things you should check before choosing a particular product.

I call them “3 Crucial Factors”. 

1. Gravity

Gravity is a factor on Clickbank that shows you how the product is successful or not. If it is selling in high numbers or not.

You can easily check the gravity to know if the product is converting like crazy or if it has low conversion and it won’t be a good selection to earn some cool money.

Avoid these with low gravity, because the high gravity means also that the product is recognizable through people and when they see it it will be much easier to get sales than when no one knows about it.

The minimal gravity score in my opinion is 50. You shouldn’t promote products with a gravity lower than 50, because it can be really hard to make money on it.

2. Pricing

This a second important factor, not only for a potential client but also for you. You must think about it also when you would like to include paid advertising in your promotional methods.

I like to go for a medium-priced products. These products are just mainly targeted for normal people. High price products like +$150 are too high for a normal person and they often do not provide the right price-quality matrix, and they are really hard to sell. And when you look for cheaper products like under $20 or $15, these products look like an easy sell. The problem is that with price goes the quality. They often do not have a high-quality landing page, their product has a lot of bugs if it is a digital product and many more.

There are also things you could look for to select the best option for you:

  • Cost for the buyer – I would go for $35-$140 price range. It will bring you cool commissions but you can also find high-quality products.
  • Recurring commissions – it can easily bring you passive income because let’s say someone’s bought a diet with a subscription plan. You will be getting a commission every month until he quits.
  • Upsells options – Many products on Clickbank have their funnels that offer people many more products than just one. So with these types of products, you can boost your earnings.
  • Trials – It can boost your conversion because many people are distrustful and after they give a try to a software in trial, they are more likely to buy a product or start a subscription.

The last but not least thing is to do not select a product based only on a commission amount. You should look at first on the value that it can bring to the customer because if it brings the right value, it can get high sales.

3. Social proof of the product

As research says 91% of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

As you can see, reviews and the social proof of the product is a really important factor, that can affect the conversion rate of the product.

Also, you could check if these reviews are legit because many people are creating fake articles just to get sales.

People aren’t stupid, they will easily find it and the product reputation will fall down.

Also, many people are trying the other method, by writing bad reviews to get traffic for their own products or other products they want to promote.

So you need to research it well.

The product needs to provide value to the customer. Otherwise, it will get a lot of chargebacks and refunds, so you won’t earn much on them.

Google the product name with words such as scam, review, and others also check the product on Youtube and make some type of audit of these reviews.

How To Promote Clickbank Products – Methods

Let’s say you have found the right niche, product, your target group is well-researched.

Then comes the question of how to promote ClickBank Products?

In this list, you can find a lot of options.

Let’s head to the list of promotion methods that can drive your conversion rate and sales crazy.

1. Social Media

Now you can think, what is revolutionary in saying about promoting products on social media.

If you are reading this I can say, that probably you are doing something wrong when using social media as a promotion method.

Most people are making the biggest mistake of promoting anything in social media – they are using a direct link to the sales page.

You shouldn’t ever do it.

Why? There nothing interesting in this type of promotion. You should convince people somehow.

What I am recommending?

Start using a lead magnet, by providing a free e-book or a free video tutorial for an email sign-up. If you would like to learn how to create a landing page in a quick and easy way, click here.

What it gives you?

  • You can track people who signed up with FB Pixel and then send them ads on Facebook
  • People are interested in a topic and more likely to buy anything when they got something for free at first
  • You are building an email list, and you can send them not only this product but any other product in the future.

BIG FACT: Facebook Ads based on a FB Pixel data are much cheaper than classic FB Ads.

2. Instagram Shoutouts

From time to time people talk about promotion method called Instagram shoutouts, but it is often connected with e-commerce.

You can also use it for affiliate marketing. You just need to find a proper Instagram page and ask them how much they want for a shoutout.

Often you will get a price list with things like Instagram Story and Instagram Post. These services prices can vary from $5 and there is no limit for the price. But you can find a good shoutout for around $5-$25.

Some people don’t know their price, so first ask them, they will often offer you a very good price. You can also promote your Instagram Page with these types of shoutouts, so in the future, you won’t have to pay for it.

You will just promote these products on your page.

If you combine it with other methods it is a good idea of how to promote Clickbank products.

3. Youtube Channel

Creating videos is nowadays a very easy process.

You can just use tens of desktop recording software and create a quick review or a quick look at a product you want to promote.

Often these types of reviews are quite highly trusted by people and also can easily rank not only on Youtube but also on Google with a good selection of tags.

Youtube like any other social media requires consistency. You should just make a rule for yourself to create a video every day.

In the beginning, your videos will get 1-3 views, but when you will stay consistent they will grow.

And also… 100 videos x 3 views = 300 views a day. So go for a lot of videos and stay consistent.

Every niche can be promoted on Youtube, so whatever you choose Youtube is always a good idea.

4. Creating a blog and writing

It is a very low-cost and long term method. If you are looking for a good web hosting you can check our comparison.

Blogging is a very low-cost method, you just select a hosting, CMS (mostly WordPress), theme, and just start writing.

It is also important to stay consistent and just write a lot of content. With time your website will start ranking for more keywords and it will start getting more hits.

But at first, you should focus just on creating a lot of content about products you want to promote.

Potential is huge and you shouldn’t waste it. 1-2 hours per day for a year can bring you a real passive income.

If you want to start a blog, you can head over to Bluehost and get high-quality hosting.

5. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Pinterest Ads

These 3 platforms are the best ones in case of paid advertising on social media.

As I said before in this article, you can use data from FB Pixel to promote for a lower price, but also just you can target people who are perfectly fitted for your product and ad.

Everyone says about Facebook and Instagram, you can find many courses about promoting and creating ads on these platforms, but Pinterest remains in the shade.


As you can see Pinterest seems like a perfect place for some niches.

You should go for a Pinterest Ads if your products are from a category listed below:

  • Fashion
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home Decor
  • Design
  • All women niches

Pinterest is a very cool place because their ads are quite new on the market, so they are much cheaper.

So you can promote your blog post here or a link to your lead magnet landing page. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. I give you a hint, your choice what you will do with it.

One thing about any ads is you should be testing, A/B tests are a mandatory element of a well-organized ad set. You can waste some money, but without wasting money you won’t get knowledge of what target group is better, what type of promotion works better. That is why FB Pixel is so important because when you gather some data it is easier to target the group that worked well.

6. Quora

Quora is a very cool website that connects people looking for an answer with people that got the answer to their question.

Quora answers rank in Google, so by getting to the first answer to the question, you can easily get more traffic to your blog post or landing page.

Using Quora for promoting your products is a free method but as always consistency is required. You should answer as many questions as you can and also do it well. Answers made only for promotion can be not only deleted by support but they will also get less traffic because people will sense the trick and will not get caught on it.

Also, Quora is a perfect place for getting a backlink for your website, this will help you get higher in the Google rankings.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a very powerful method of how to promote your Clickbank products.


As research says for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. (DMA, 2019)

You can create an easy landing page and gather emails with some lead magnet such as a free e-book, free template for some software, etc.

Building an email list is a strong method because no matter what product you want to promote you always have the database of people that will be interested in it and you can send them everything you want to promote. This will also have impact on the conversion rate because people that are familiar with products you promote and your brand will be more likely to buy anything that you recommend. When you promote high quality, good products that help people with their struggles you are building a brand and authority.

If you want to start your journey with email marketing, you should check out GetResponse 30 day free trial (no credit card required) by clicking here.

8. Facebook Groups

In my opinion, this is a method somehow related to the FB Ads, but it is free.

Why I think so?

Because with Facebook Groups you can target people that are interested in a niche you have a product from.

What is the problem with this method?

Many groups have moderators that will quickly delete your posts if you will show off that you only want to promote your blog or promote a product. So it is a free method but it requires consistency and sometimes just posting like a maniac when everyone denies you, haha!

Finding the right method for you

I hope my article has helped you in your struggles with how to promote Clickbank products.

There are many possibilities as you can see, but there are filters you should sort them with:

  • Budget,
  • Time,
  • Preferred Platform,
  • Competition

Just think about these things and select the best option for you. But the most crucial point is selecting the best possible product for your niche and staying consistent when promoting anything in social media. Do not believe in these gurus that tell you, this is a one week make a fortune scheme. It is not.

You need to spend a lot of time but it can really bring you a passive income and really high figures.


How to promote Clickbank products seems like a topic I have told everything I know about. It is a broad topic, but there is no plan and method that works for everyone. You need to test a lot and just by testing exclude the methods that do not work well for your niche and product. But when you will find the best method for your situation and consistently promote your product it can bring you a real stream of money that will allow you to test more and promote more products.

Making money online is not a get rich quick scheme, but when you will spend a lot of time and build an authority, your brand, you will build quite a stable and reliable source of income.

Now all is in your hands, do not waste your chance to become an affiliate champion by promoting Clickbank products with one of the methods mentioned in this article.

Just as a reminder:

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Choose a product
  3. Choose a promotion method
  4. Stay consistent!

I would love to hear your stories with Clickbank and how to promote Clickbank products, so let me know in the comments section.

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