How To Setup A Free Trial Landing Page in 2020

Would you like to know how to setup a free trial landing page on GetResponse?

The landing page is a standalone website, where just people lands from your marketing or advertising campaign. Your potential clients click the link and land on your website. You just promote it in the internet, on your Facebook, Youtube, etc. and let the visitors come.

Unlike normal webpages, landing pages are designed with a single goal called call to action.

This focus makes landing pages the best option for every marketing campaign.

Why it is working?

The key difference between a normal homepage and the landing page is the focus. On the homepage, you’ve got a lot of content, a lot of links, but on the landing page, you just focus on the one CTA included.

Having just a few links is less distracting for a user. That is why expert marketers always use a dedicated landing page for their products.

Of course, the normal homepage can look awesome, it has just another goal. It shows off brand, lets people check the full range of products, and also offers more information about a company and their values.

But, with the homepage, the conversion of making a purchase is much lower because the page is not focused on it.

The landing page serves a visitor, completely new and different purpose. Connected with super optimized ads that just promote a single offer, it just converts the visitors to customers. It is just doing a better job of converting the traffic that the brand already gets to sales.

How to start building a free trial landing page on GetResponse?

At first, you need to create your account, you can easily use the 30-day free trial, no credit card required.


You just need to click sign up free and just register step by step. Also, remember about confirming your email address by clicking the link in your inbox.


Then you just need to click Menu, then free trial landing pages and then create a page. You will see a lot of pre-created templates that you can use. GetResponse is a very beginner-friendly software, so you can just use template at the beginning and customize it for your needs.


On GetResponse you’ve got not only a landing page template, but there is also thank you page included, if you are gathering emails it is very helpful, also when using Facebook Pixel for Facebook Ads.

After selecting the template you need to give it a name. The best option is to name it as a product name because you will have an easier job in the future, when searching for the exact landing page. In the beginning it is very easy, but when you have tons of it it becomes a little nightmare, so better name it properly now.

Selecting a copy for a free trial landing page

The next thing you will face is selecting the proper text called copy for your landing page. Building a landing page in GetResponse is very easy, you just edit text, edit fonts, colors, images, by clicking, and also it has drag and drop builder.

The headline should have your value proposition, so you should show the potential visitors what the company stands for and why it deserves to make the business with it. It is a very important part because if you prepare it well you can keep a visitor on your page, and maybe in a while, he will sign up with his email address or just buy your product.

Also, the subtitle is an important part, not so important like headline, but it is some type of support for a headline, you can just tell more in subtitle, make it more specific and unique.

Advanced landing page settings

1. Integrations

So basically with GetResponse, it is a very easy part, because you are just creating a landing page with a software mainly built on autoresponder and email lists features.

Your landing page is basically easy to connect to a new email list created just for this landing page and it is ready to collect emails for you.

2. SEO Meta Data

SEO metadata is what shows up on the search engine results, add or update this information to quality and professional description that suits your business.

Select the gear icon near Save button to open SEO settings and type in things like Title, description. Also, remember about adding favicon and image that will show up on Facebook when added.

Features of A Good Landing Page

1. Engaging Headline and Subtitle

You probably have seen a lot of landing pages if your life. But have you ever seen a high converting landing page without a headline? It often also has subtitles, and sometimes even pre-headline to support it.

How to achieve a stunning headline?

  • Your headline should be specific, precise and focused on the objective you want to achieve,
  • Place it strategically to allow you to process your headline faster.
  • Focus on creating an impact by asking a question or making a promise.

2. A story with An Authentic Goal

Your landing page must show off a story that will grab your visitor’s attention and maybe persuade them to accept your offer. The content should be clear and short to avoid unnecessary distractions. The main idea is to buy a product, so let it be like it to the end of the landing page.

As I said before you need to focus on an attractive value proposition to convince your visitors, but also illustrate the need you are trying to achieve with your brand or product.

3. Call To Action

A call to action is a very important thing. Just remember to make it clear and visible, when you just visit a website. Maybe try making a Five Second Test to make it clear, that it shows up quickly.

It is more likely that the potential customer will leave your website without making a purchase. However, if there is a call to action, it can easily give motivation or a need for your visitor to sign up for a newsletter or just make a purchase.

4. Social Proof

Social proof is a crucial point when it comes to the landing page and leads conversion. If you include proofs that show successful results of using your product and identify customers who are satisfied with your product – you are one step ahead.

Think of social proof as a mental game; let’s say a Facebook page has 5 likes and other has 1,5k likes. Which is more trustworthy? The answer is easy, now you understand how it works.

You can also do thing likes embedding Facebook Fan Page reviews on your landing page or just post some screenshots from messages or comments after getting approval from customers to publish it.

The goal of digital marketing is to just make a sale and with a well-designed landing page, you can achieve it much easier. GetResponse gives you a full toolset to create a groundbreaking landing page and start getting huge amounts of sales.


Creating a landing page is a very important part of bringing sales to your product. Think about it and start building your own approach to creating landing pages.

It is a really easy thing when you try it, but I can bring you not only joy when creating, but when seeing results.

Remember, bringing sales is important, but do not forget about the high-quality user experience.

With these simple steps, we have prepared, you can easily make the difference in your marketing efforts in today’s digital world.

Include all our tips and watch how it grows.

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