Top 3: Oberlo vs Importify vs Dropified: What Should You Choose To Blow Up Your Results?

Oberlo vs Importify vs Dropified

oberlo vs importify

Shopify is an e-commerce website that allows you to set up your business both offline and online. It permits you to design and customize your online store where you can sell products. It covers various places like social media, web, online shops, retail stores nearby to your location, etc., where you sell your products and manages the business. Establishing your business requires huge investment and proper planning to handle shipments and stock of the products. Not everyone can afford to buy the inventory to keep their products secure and safe. To eradicate the shortcomings in the business, Shopify permits the dropshipping model that can be used by entrepreneurs. In the dropshipping business, a vendor doesn’t own inventory or stock of the products. On the contrary, it buys the products from other suppliers and has them shipped straightway to the customers. Hence, the sellers don’t require managing the product’s shipments directly.

To connect your online store with multiple suppliers, Shopify uses Oberlo which is its dropshipping tool that allows you to import various trending products from the suppliers, add them directly into your online store running on Shopify and ship these products to your customers directly. It helps you to manage your product orders conveniently. There are other dropshipping tools other than Oberlo that are used by various merchants, hence, giving a tough competition to it. Importify, Dropified, Printify, and many more dropshipping apps are various Oberlo competitors. All these dropshipping tools are the alternatives to the Oberlo app that you can use. In this article, we will learn more about some of Shopify’s dropshipping tools, i.e. Oberlo and Importify, and draft a detailed comparison of  Oberlo vs Importify. Moreover, we will check out the differences in Importify vs Dropified as well and how Oberlo and Shopify different from each other. 

Oberlo vs Importify

As discussed earlier, Oberlo is a popular dropshipping app used by Shopify to import various products and makes it plausible to deliver the products directly to your customers in just a few clicks. Whereas, Importify is another dropshipping tool that permits you to add products from several suppliers into your Shopify store and sell these products online. Importify is not as popular as Oberlo, but it is one of the strongest competitors of Oberlo vs Dropified. Though the function of these two apps is quite similar, however, they have some major differences that make both the dropshipping tools unique in its way. Let’s find out which app suits your needs, let’s do Oberlo vs Importify battle.

Comparison of Importify vs Oberlo

Various features that make Importify and Oberlo unique are as follows:

  • Oberlo is the most reasonable dropshipping app that helps you add and sell products easily. While Importify is the most versatile dropshipping tool that permits you to import products without removing any information from the suppliers.
  • Importify provides the facility of limitless imports from multiple suppliers, while Oberlo allows the handling of unlimited orders from limited suppliers only.
  • The pricing of utilizing Oberlo’s services starts at $29/ month for its basic plan, whereas the pro plan costs $79.90/month. In the case of Importify, the cost of its basic plan starts at $14.95/ month, while the premium plan costs $27.95/month and the gold plan starts at $37.95/month.
  • Oberlo is highly supported by Shopify as its dropshipping tool, while Importify is completely integrated with Jumpseller, Woocommerce, and Shopify for its dropshipping business.
  • Importify supports numerous platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Shein, Flipkart, Walmart, Tmart, and hundreds of other suppliers from where you can sell the products directly to the customers. Whereas Oberlo allows you to sell the products from Aliexpress and Oberlo Supply Marketplace.
  • The “Order Volume” feature in Oberlo allows you to find winning products for your Shopify store, while Importify permits you to spy on other websites of Shopify to get winning products for your online store.
  • Oberlo supports “1-Click order fulfillment” that allows you to confirm the orders in bulk by simply clicking on the “order the product” option. After placing the order, the remaining operations related to shipping will be managed by Oberlo. In Importify, “Semi-automatic order fulfillment” is used that permits you to place your orders for the customers which will later on handled by Importify only if the products are imported from Amazon, Aliexpress, DropshipperUS, and Dhgate. For the remaining platforms, it offers only import services and the shipment will be managed by the merchants itself.
  • Oberlo allows you to review your product inventory and be well aware of any changes in the prices or levels of product inventory. There is no such feature available in Importify.
  • You can easily track your products and know their status using the integrating tracking feature in Oberlo. Importify only manages products of a few supported merchants only as discussed above.
  • Importify uses automatic “Smart Pricing Rules” to handle the costs of the products as per your specifications. In Oberlo, the prices of disparate products can be set using Oberlo data that satisfies market standards.
  • Oberlo permits you to edit the product titles, descriptions and photos, and customize your online store. Whereas Importify uses a built-in editor to edit any feature of the product before importing into your Shopify store.
  • The merchants can view the success rate of their stores with the help of the Sales Dashboard in Oberlo. Conversely, there is no such feature in Importify.

These are some of the major differences listed in Oberlo vs Importify that will give a brief idea of the features provided by dropshipping tools used by Shopify.

There are some similarities in Oberlo vs Importify features. These are as follows:

  • Oberlo and Importify both provide 14 days free trial to use their services.
  • They both bolster 24/7 Customer Support services to the merchants of Shopify.
  • In both Importify and Oberlo, the merchants can easily change the product suppliers in case they have found some better supplier or the product goes out of stock.
  • By using both the tools, the merchants can connect to their existing customers to manage the selling of your products.
  • Importify and Oberlo both use their free chrome extension to ease the import of the products from various suppliers. 

Now, let’s look into another dropshipping app which is majorly used by Shopify.

Dropified – A significant dropshipping tool

Dropified is a powerful dropshipping tool used by Shopify to add and sell products to various customers. It permits you to import products in bulk by using a single click into your Shopify store and the same feature applies for the orders. It uses web application and chrome extension to automate your dropshipping business on Shopify. 

Some of the features provided by Dropified tools are as follows:

  • Quick execution of the order in one click.
  • Multiple customization options for the products in your Shopify store.
  • Multiple products can be added to your Shopify shop from various sites.
  • Provides automatic notifications of any changes in prices and products.
  • It allows you to collect various products from disparate suppliers of Aliexpress to order them in a single click.
  • It also provides 14 days free trial to utilize its dropshipping services. However, the builder plan costs $47/month, while the premium plan starts at $127/month, and the Dropified Black costs $167/month.
  • It automatically adds a surcharge for various products and fast backup to import products in your Shopify’s wish lists.
  • Integrated Aliexpress captcha resolver.
  • It permits vendors to import reviews of the products available on Amazon, Aliexpress, Overstock, Bling, Walmart, SammyDress, eBay and Wish to know how other customers have rated the products after their purchase.
  • It provides the feature of inventory product sync, which syncs your recent products on the Shopify store with Dropified. It will allow you to automate the order fulfillment easily and quickly.

From these features, you will be able to draft a brief comparison of Importify vs Dropified and know more about other Oberlo competitors, which would aid you to understand the best tool for used in conjunction with Shopify for a dropshipping business.

Conclusion – Oberlo vs Importify vs Dropified

Oberlo vs Importify vs Dropified looks like a very balanced competition. Whether it is Oberlo, Importify, or Dropified, each of them offers certain features that help the merchants manage their products smartly. There are some small details that vary in Oberlo vs Importify vs Dropified comparison, but you just need to check it individually and decide which is a better option for you.

In my opinion, Oberlo vs Importify vs Dropified is a hard choice, because they represent really high level in their services, but the must-have is to use Shopify.

Leave a comment down below, if you have used any software from our Oberlo vs Importify vs Dropified competition. We would love to hear some opinions from our readers.

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