Poshmark Vs Tradesy: Applications To Make Money Selling Unused Clothes

Do you have your closet full of unused clothes? Do you know that you can make money selling everything used at home? Currently, some applications allow you to sell and get rid of everything old and earn a little money. Among these applications, there are two that stand out, such as Poshmark and Tradesy

Today selling both new and used clothing is the best way to earn money from home. Many people search for accessories and everything they need at home online.

These applications that function as an online marketplace allowing you to earn extra money on items you no longer use. You can earn over $ 1000 using these tools.

Depending on what you want to sell, you can use Poshmark or Tradesy. The largest app is Poshmark, which is considered to be one of the best online stores to buy and sell clothes.

Want to know the differences between Poshmark vs Tradesy? Below you can find out which is the best option for you.

Know more about Poshmark

It is an application for Android and iOS that will allow you to sell and buy clothes and any accessories easily and quickly. It allows you to make a list of your mobile device.

 It is an online trading marketplace where anyone in the United States can sell and buy used or new clothing, accessories, and shoes. This company is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Many users recommend it, and it has a good reputation, it is safe and reliable. It has a large number of users, both sellers, and buyers, all willing to make the best negotiations to purchase the products.

It is a tool to sell brand-name products; preferably, it is considered the best option to make these sales. It allows you to buy everything you need in fashion from the comfort of your home. You can find shoes, watches, jewelry, clothing, accessories, bags, and much more.

This was a company that was launched by Manish Chandra in 2011. In an interview in 2018, the founder stated that sellers had earned $ 1 B just by selling clothes in Poshmark. At that time, approximately 4 million sellers were using this application.

Sell ​​new and used products on Poshmark

Do you want to earn extra money? Use the Poshmark app; adding your items is very easy. You just need to take some good photos of your product, add a description, and put the price. Usually, this online store puts different themed categories, such as a Chanel bag, winter clothes, or summer sandals. With this option, you can promote your products for sale and find sellers who are interested in those specific pieces.

Poshmark keeps a commission on its sale, the amount may vary but can be more than the US $ 2.95 when orders are less than the US $ 15. The commission can be up to 20% for larger purchases.

To date, it has managed to position itself very well in the market and stands out from the other applications. It is a great option for you to resell your unused shoes, clothes, and accessories. You can find a wide variety of articles, from the most common to the most recognized brands in the fashion world.

Do you want to sell on Poshmark?

It is very easy; you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Account must download the Poshmark on your mobile device (It is available for iOS and Android). It is also available for iPad and laptop.
  2. When you have the download, you must register in the application. The profile is called a boutique or closet, and registration is quick.
  3. Take photos of your clothes, shoes, or accessories you want to sell. Try to make them clear and sharp. You can take ten photos
  4. Complete the form with the product information (brand, price, part conditions).
  5. After completing this information, it will be time to publish your articles in this great online market.
  6. When you publish, you will see that other buyers will visit your boutique or closet.
  7. When you complete the sale, you will have seven days to send the item to the buyer.

Poshmark is also a social platform. That is why it is so popular and allows you to increase your sales and earn more money, the more followers you have on your profile, the faster you can sell.

Starting to sell in this application is free, so you can try this closet or online store whenever you want. When the sale ends, you will only pay 20% for each product sold in your closet. The buyer will pay the shipping cost.

Poshmark: The best application to earn extra money

You just need to take the best photos of those clothes or bag that has been saved for years, add a description, and earn extra money. This application is available in the United States and Canada. You can sell:

  • Womenswear
  • Men’s clothing
  • Children’s clothes
  • Portfolios
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • And much more

For you to sell used clothing and accessories in this online store, they must be in good condition. Also, make sure the items are clean, if the product has any imperfections, you should mention it in the item description.

You can promote your Poshmark closet posts on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. When the sale ends and the customer receives the product, you will receive your money minus 20% in your Poshmark account. This will be the commission for products that cost more than $ 15.

Then you can transfer the money to your bank account automatically; you will also have the option to request a check.

If you want to buy branded items without spending a lot of money on new products, you can go to this application. You will find fashion items with a 40 0 ​​50% discount.

 Poshmark is a very comprehensive online store; you just need to double-check all product information.

Disadvantages of Poshmark

Some of the disadvantages that this application may have are the following:

  • Customer service has some complaints
  • Many users complain that they cannot find household items
  • Some photos are not of good quality
  • There are no return policies

What is Tradesy?

It is an online market to resell high-end fashion products; you will have the opportunity to buy the designer item that you love so much. There are millions of customers who have an account in this online store so that they can sell everything they do not use and can earn extra money.

This is a market designed by and for women. In 2012 its founder Tracy DiNunzio realized that his wardrobe was full, but he didn’t have to put it on. She went on a diet that left her with a closet full of accessories and parts that she could no longer use.

He started researching and wanted to create an application that would help get out of parts that are no longer used and, at the same time, help the planet.

You will have the opportunity to buy the luxury accessories you have always dreamed of; you can buy them on your terms. You can save up to 90% discount using this online store.

The fashion industry is one of the most important in the world. That is why these types of applications have emerged to facilitate the purchase of fashionable clothing. Do you have fancy pieces of strips in your closet, taking up space? Thanks to Tradesy, you will be able to extend the life of your luxury products that you no longer use.

Someone else can use those items without spending a lot of money on a new garment. It is a new way of having more affordable accessories or luxury garments and avoiding unnecessary waste or accumulations.

This application allows you to have access to the most recognized and popular brands on the market without having to leave your home. It is an online store that gives you the technology so you can sell and buy what you need.

It is made up of a qualified and professional team in the sale of products online. They aim to change the world by offering a unique experience for you to buy and sell with a free, quality app. An online closet or closet with couture pieces, Tradesy is available for Android and iOS.

Shopping from home has never been as easy as it is now with the Tradesy app. You can send messages to sellers for additional product information and receive notifications.

Sell ​​Easily With Tradesy

Selling on Tradesy is very easy and fast; it allows you to connect with more than a million users who are waiting to find the right part. The first thing you should do is select the clothes or items you want to sell. The steps to sell on Tradesy are as follows:

  1. When you have the piece you want to sell, you must take the photos; remember that they are attractive photos so that you can capture the attention of users. You can sell directly from your wardrobe whenever you want and at any time.
  2. Download the application; it is available for iOS and Android.
  3. Make your registration; it is easy and fast.
  4. Add the photos and put the product description, you must list the details in minutes.
  5. Choose the price of your item; it is recommended that you put a price based on details and actual data.
  6. Confirm your sale

Tradesy only sells authentic and luxury clothing, you will find an affordable price for that product you love so much. If you have any questions or need help, you will be attended by real people; you can contact the technical staff by phone or email.

It is available to you whenever you need it, 24 hours a day. They make shipments and returns without problems. With Tradesy you can sell:

  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Handbags
  • Accessories

All products are branded, and you will earn more for each sale. The commission you have is flat and is $ 7.50 for each product you sell that has a value of less than $ 50. Items sold from $ 50 onwards will deduct a commission of 19.8%.

With Tradesy, you will have the opportunity to withdraw your winnings using PayPal, ACH transfer, or a debit card. You will be able to set your price, allow you to choose the shipping method that you like, and you will be able to review your earnings in detail.

Tradesy’s mission is for all members to have a simple, safe, and elegant resale. The team works to make sales, payment, and shipping easy for all sellers.

Disadvantages Of Tradesy

  • They have not accredited to BBB
  • some sellers claim that they can last a week to have their earnings
  • The return period is four days, for many people, it is a very short time

Poshmark vs Tradesy: Enjoy an exclusive sale with fashion apps

As you can see, Tradesy or Poshmark is online markets for buying and selling fashion items. But you want to know which one suit you best? Have the information you need.

  • Thousands of elegant and sophisticated users use Tradesy; you can sell from your closet or closet by publishing unlimited lists. This application is mostly used for high-end parts, while Poshmark is for parts of any range.
  • Both Tradesy and Poshmark are available for iOS and Android devices.
  • At Poshmark, you can sell clothing and accessories for children, men, and women, while at Tradesy, it is only women’s fashion.
  • Poshmark is an application to sell clothes, and it is also a social network, while Tradesy is only an online market.
  • In both applications the listing is free
  • Nightgowns are different
  • Applications in both Tradesy and Poshmark are easy to use
  • In both online markets, you can save up to 70% discount
  • Another difference found in both applications is the return option. Poshmark does not accept returns are final sales. Instead, Tradesy can request the return of a product.
  • Poshmark is considered the best application to buy and sell online. For its part, Tradesy is considered the leading application to resell blackberry luxury and elegance.

How you can see which one is better between Tradesy vs Poshmark will depend on the criteria of each person. It will also depend on the products that you are going to buy or sell.


In short, both applications have their benefits depending on the needs and tastes of the users. Every online market, your target audience, if you want to search for low to high range pieces, you can use Poshmark, if you want to search for luxury designer pieces, you should use Tradesy.

Selling on Tradesy vs Poshmark is easy to do; just download the app and sign up. Both applications are available for iOS and Android phones.

With anyone you can get the profits, you need as long as it will work.


This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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